Locket widget - I can’t add an email, login is blocked

Recently, users of the Locket widget have been experiencing difficulties when attempting to add an email address. The problem arises when trying to input any type of email, whether it be from iCloud or Gmail. A message appears stating that the email couldn't be verified. Users are advised to ensure that their device has a good cell reception, as high demand for the service may be causing this issue. It is suggested to check back later and try again.

The fact that this problem persists even when a user has a fast Wi-Fi connection and a new phone indicates that the issue lies with the Locket widget itself. Restarting the app or attempting other troubleshooting methods does not resolve the problem.

Additionally, several users have reported being unable to log into the app altogether. This poses a significant issue as users are unable to access the app's features without first adding their email address. The inability to log in hampers users' ability to utilize the app's functions fully.

If you are currently facing similar issues with the Locket widget, it is recommended to leave a comment below. By doing so, you can join the discussion and potentially gather more information about the problem.

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