Locket Widget - is there a WEB APP? Can you use on laptop?

hello so can you access locket widget from the web from the web browser um so i'm just trying to go to locket.camera which is the official website and see what happens so if you go there you will be just redirected to the app store so i don't think at this moment there is an option to have like a locket widget installed somehow from your web browser because it is basically a like widget app so to install the widget you need to have it in the like in this widget menu and i don't think you'll be able to do that but maybe it would be a nice option that you can send photos from your from your like laptop or computer and go to the website and send a like photo to the locket camera and then it appears on your friends iphone home screen but at the moment it doesn't work as i said just look at camera website it just redirects you just to the app in case you are wondering rocket widget is only available on iphone on ios it's not available on android and not on the web and not on desktop so that's that

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