Locket Widget - “No pics yet” - what to do?

so when you added locket widget uh here on on your home screen the screen on iphone sometimes it can just say no peeks yet so what does it mean it means that you didn't receive any pictures from your friends yet so it's not a bug i think this app has some minor bugs but they so far has been fixed and this app yeah just really really improved a lot over the last few months so just update to the last version of course you can make sure to restart your wi-fi internet or star locket widget app but if you see no peeks yet it basically means that you your friends didn't send you locket widgets so you just need them like you know to ask your friends to do a locket widget pick u m on this and then in the bottom tab send to friends so something like that that should be an idea how yeah and then uh you will see your picture here it which will be updated i don't know how soon it should be updated uh but yeah pretty soon um so that's that but um yeah here still in app reviews you can see that there are still people saying there are a few bucks here and there you can always reach out to their support team you can write here on their app reviews but over the last few weeks i think a lot of bucks were fixed and this app is constantly in the top charts in the us app store so it's pretty stable it works really nice for a lot of people so that's that so probably it's not a bug it's just uh yes your friends didn't send you some picture updates or something like that if you have any other thoughts while you are just seeing empty widget and it says not picks yet and you think your friends really send you pictures just leave some comments below this video i'm just curious to see how it might work so thank you for watching

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