Locket widget photo update - DELAY up to 5 minutes

so here is locate widget app and i found this overview that maybe you have this bug that basically once a friend sends a photo it can take up to five minutes to appear so lock it introduces this delay to conserve your phone's battery life so yeah that's basically the idea so um when a friend sends you a picture unlock it it will appear instantly on your home screen when once friend sends a photo i don't know actually what's the difference here between picture and photos because you can't upload photos on blockage widget um but there you have it there can be a delay and this is normal to save your phone's battery life because if you're using this real-time widget one of the main issues which arises is that um yeah is that your battery can go down really fast so there you have it maybe you can understand that i'm just going through the reviews uh you can see that uh when someone adds friends here the photo can appear in the in the history but not in the on the screen and then this the user says i've been stuck with the same photo for a day even after new ones have been added um so there you have it

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