LOCKET WIDGET UPDATE 1.1.1 Finally you can send different pictures to friends!

hello everyone so let's go through the overview what is new in the locket widget app version 1.1.1 so you can just go to app store look for locket widget and tap update as you can see is mind mind-blowing this app is still in the top charts in social networking category just under messenger and whatsapp and discord which yeah which is super amazing as i think this app was developed just by a small team or even solo developer and this app is in the top charts like that for around the week maybe even more so now finally there is a new update and i think a lot of bugs are fixed and there is a super new exciting feature where now you can send specific pictures to specific friends uh it says now you can use rocket vision significant other friends and family without having to send the same picture to everyone so if you hear about lock it widget for the first time this is like a viral app where you can add a widget so you need to be on ios 13 or later maybe 14 later and then you just have this picture and then you just can send these pictures to your friend or significant other via this locket app so that's basically the idea um yeah and yeah so let's just go through the updates what is new in the in the new locket widget app so yeah here's my hand but basically the main update if i for example i have friends here so i just have one friend so i can just take a photo and now i can tap big friends and now i can pick specific friends and send the photo to specific people so that's the biggest update from this version so i can select multiple friends i can scroll up scroll down to select multiple friends uh yeah so i can just send to to one friend to multiple friends um and then just send to a group of people so as i want but the thing is i can send different pictures to different people before that you could only send like the same picture to like your five friends so that's the biggest update and that's basically how how it works now also if you tap in top right now there is a feature to send feedback so now you can officially contact rocket support from here so it's just go through the app tap on that tab and then you can reach out to team at localcamera.com then you will have your user id your app version build and then you can just write your issue so something like that so that's like an official more official way to contact support or to ask something about some bug or just have like a just general app feedback some ideas maybe you even want to delete your data and account or something like that so you can just now do it from here other than that i don't see like a big other updates but that that update is really like major one so yeah hope you really enjoyed this app and hope there are many more new updates

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