hello everyone so some people asked in my videos uh and i have an idea like is locket widget app only working on wi-fi or it's also working via 3g so let's just try it out so i'll go to settings and then i will just disable my wi-fi and yep okay let's just so just uh okay so seems some of my friends are removed so anyways i think i tried it in noted app and then it should work with uh yeah so here it is so now it's loading okay that's weird so now i want to send it out and let's see if it works so now seems it's working so as you can see let's go in history i see my photo so yep lock it widget app also works on 4g or 3g so that's that should be fine um and also note that drawing widget also works not only on wi-fi also 4g 3g i'm not all i'm not sure if it will work on like super slow internet like 2g or i don't know if you don't have 3g or 4g somewhere like will it work i'm not sure uh i didn't try that um so yep but hope that can help be helpful

Does the Canon 5D Mark III Have WiF...
Does the Canon 5D Mark III Have WiFi?
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