Locket Widgets app overview

okay so there are a bunch of locket widget apps right now uh so this is the original one this is the app which is going viral and i think this is pretty high quality and it was just developed by a solo developer so that's the cool original app but before because that app just went super viral um a lot of people tried to write that wave and they just also created a bunch of apps which do an exact same thing and just also name it the same name so i don't know if it's like super best way to do it but anyways let's just do a quick overview of that um it's called noted widget basically it's similar to locket widget but it just has another angle where you just send drawings inside of photos and that's also pretty cool so that app is trending right now as well but there you have it add your favorite people to your home screen share glimpse of your day see live pictures of your friends so then let's just continue so then you just need to add your phone number so here you can just change your phone number and then you can just add it here [Music] so let's do that let's try it out then there is some kind of verifications i mean a lot of these apps been built by solo developers and just tap continue then okay and then you can just add your widget so you need to give access to your camera just tap and hold and long press any empty space on your home screen until apps jiggle tap the plus button in the top corner of your screen find locket photo widget and tap add widget so there you have it so for example here i can just take the photo and then i can just send it into the timeline but first i need to add friends only three allowed so can i just search by username oh no okay so probably you need just to enable contacts and add friends from your contacts first um there is also some tutorial and then yeah you can just send that photo and then basically tap and hold and then here you can just search for locket and you can see the original locket widget app is the one in the like third from the top but then there is also this one this one has small and large and then you can just add it like this and then basically if you add it and um your friends add it and you add each other on the app if you send a photo to your friend basically your photo will appear in the similar widget on their phone and if they send some photo update to you their photo will just appear in this kind of widget over you here on your phone so that's basically how it works um of course yeah it's super cool but i'm just you know this is not the original idea and this is not their original name so just be in mind but of course these developers also want to get some hype and all of that but other than that um hope this already is helpful you can yeah you can or can't enable some lighting and here in this app you can also add some you can add photos from your camera roll uh so you can do that um yeah in in work in original rocket widget app you can't add photos from camera roll so other than that hope that is helpful

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