locksmith widget app by sendit - quick overview & how to use

hello everyone so here is locksmith widget app by send it and this app is going in the top charts actually so the idea is that you can use this app is lock screen widgets what are those so to enable those you need to have iPhone and install iOS 16 or later this is kind of like a new feature where uh you can access some widgets on your lock screen so the screen which you see while your phone isn't unlocked yet so yeah it's kind of interesting new feature and then this app what it offers is just you can type something for your partner's lock screen so what you do you just install this locksmith widget and first thing you need to do just need to add your partner so give access to your contacts whatever and then just tap add someone this is how it will look like uh yeah then you just add a friend um and then yeah you can just type something for your partner's lock screen like why would you do that what what's the point of it uh like yeah of course you can message someone in messenger WhatsApp whatever but here it's just you will see that message instantly on your lock screen so you don't need to to unlock it maybe it's like there is nothing new to this and it's just like uh just another someone just tries to ruin one standard messaging but as I understand yeah this is this acts like a lock screen widget and it's available on your lock screen and you will instantly see that and then probably you can reply also in that lock screen without need to unlock your phone uh so that's a new trend uh in in iOS uh yeah a lot of users actually like it I don't know like you know if your phone is locked and someone sends you a message and then of course obviously everyone can still see that message because you're on lock screen and yeah like for some apps like WhatsApp or other apps you can hide notifications so you can see that someone sent you a message but nobody can see the content of that message here you the person will just see the content of the message instantly so if you leave your lock locked phone somewhere like in school somewhere and work people will be able to see these messages so just be aware of that but yeah it's still fun um so ship to people who would be a cute locksmith couple and then you can just again add some people from from their contacts so yeah then you can just do that and it's like a Matchmaker feature so it's kind of also like a chatting slash dating app here and that's that so unfortunately I can't show you much more uh yeah I don't have like a contact added here then yeah there are like three dots and top right there are more settings I can change name you can change name uh you can follow Instagram you can delete your account easily you can change the yeah the app icon and stuff like that so yes I'm still around it hope that can be helpful and that's basically it that's the app give it a try and thank you for watching

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