Locksmith widget app - quick overview & tutorial

here's locksmith's widget so let's just go through it yeah how how it looks like um so this is the app which you install on your lock screen so you need to have IOS 16 on your iPhone and then yeah you just tap and hold your lock screen tab customize and add the widget there so yeah and that basically the idea is that it's a messaging app and then you can message your friends or Partners just via this lock screen widget and this message will just appear under a lock screen so you just go create an account you need to add your partner you can invite by text you can just sync your context or then you can just tap here and then this is how invitation look like um yeah sorry I'm just checking out and then um yeah then you have your settings here you can easily change your name uh you can see here there are more options if you need help you can reach out here um so there you have it something like that uh and then you can just uh Matchmaker which is like an interesting feature it's much like a dating ship to people who would be acute locksmith couple and then you can just add someone who you see from your contacts would would be a nice couple to text each other on lock screen so yeah tap to choose that's basically uh so very minimalistic app where you're just send in each other messages on lock screen some people might think it's it's a bit weird because you know you lock your phone someone else can see your messages but on the other hand it's very quick as you don't need to open unlock your phone log into messenger app go to specific chat so it's like kind of instant chat and it saves a lot of time for just a quick like you know three uh three word message or like something like that yeah hope that's helpful

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