locksmith widget by sendit - app overview

here's a new drawing app called locksmith widget by sanded little lock screen notes um uh yeah this is the app which I guess you can you can use only on iOS 16 because that's the virus I introduce all these lock screen widgets but I will just show you like what about it um so yeah lock screens are basically widgets looking something like this so when you lock your screen on on your phone you you can just see some widgets right on the lock screen you don't need to unlock it you don't need to go into the app and into the phone and you know stuff like that just instantly on your lock screen you can see that it's a new feature on iOS 16 and you can use it for wiser you can see it for news there are so many widgets of course some people can yeah so this is how it looks like so just head up and hold on your lock screen on iOS 16. add the widgets and then find locksmith widget and then you can just send little notes uh just uh just from your lock screen you don't need to open like app and like you know open screen open messenger app go to the right chat it's so long here you can just instantly do it in the under lock screen so that's kind of cool of course some people can say this like oh everyone will see we'll see my messages on the lock screen but I guess you can customize it so yeah here it is so then you just need to create an account comfortable like something around it then you just enter your name for example you can enter notification you can notifications you can enable contacts whatever and there you have it so now you can type then you just need to send some Partners here for example like this and then probably you will need to send this message in the app and yeah so and then just type something and it will appear on on your partner's lock screen so that's kind of cool feature how it works here you can change app Theme so yeah something like this oh this is some interesting features which you can uh do together so yeah a lot of different features stuff which you can explore basically I think this app is trying to be like fun like my log widget app because lock widgets like screen widgets this is basically a new feature on iOS and a lot of like social apps like locket widget uh even be real are trying to export this new area where yeah you don't need to do so many tabs on the phone you can just access videos right on your home screen or light on your lock screen so definitely interesting app so if you're on iOS 16 definitely give it a try

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