LockWidget app - LockScreen Themes - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE?

here is lock widget ack app lock screen teams this app is particularly helpful after ios 16 update and you can install lock widgets on iphone ios 16. lock widget provides a vast collection of locked screen widgets like wizard lock launcher contact launcher closed health photos clock time calendar moon phase countdown year process and more you can custom redirect url added fonts change team styles and even background capacity to fine tune them in line with your preference so yeah this app basically provides the major widgets you need on your lock screen uh yeah again you need to have ios 16 installed on your iphone to have that available so you can have live widgets you can have photos widgets and lock screen you can have app launcher quick launch of your favorite games and apps unlock screen quotes unlock screen countdown calendar to-do list health widgets you can also install wallpapers uh well-designed home screen widgets and all of that so let's just go through the process how you need to do it so here i still don't have ios 16 on the phone but the process is pretty straightforward so basically here you have the widgets there is wiser section so for example you want to have like a widget just like a hourly weather widget so you just tap on the widget you see the design okay i like it and then tap set feature okay there are some ads now you can go back to setting to install them to lock screen so how to install to lock screen so these widgets are not for the home screen this is not not home screen features but these are lock screen widgets so long press any empty area on lock screen and then just click customize click add we just scroll down and click lock widget so this is on your lock screen once more and tap or drag to add a widget click the widget on preview area so from here after you added widgets you will be able to find lock widget and find the specific widget you want to install choose the widget name which you just chosen and then click set as wallpaper pair uh back to lock screen and then set down and there you have it that's how you set up the any widgets from lock screen app so you have this weather widgets then there are like app launcher widgets for example you want to have a link to to spotify app so then you can just tap set widget and again you follow the same tutorial just from the list of widgets you select here spotify and basically just from your lock screen you will be able to tap on this spotify app icon or any other app icon and open it instantly instead of you know unlocking your screen and then going and searching for the app so this can be super handy for the top apps you're using then there is like a countdown widgets like for the birthday christmas thanksgiving new year mother's day then there are icons then there is like a health tracker uh zanzara gives so which you can set up here so like if you like some gifs that look like this then there are different statuses um so that's that then there are quotes you can set up also reminders to-do lists then there are some emotions and emoticons like you can select some random and what emoticon i don't know it's just like an image which you can just take a look and yeah just what you like and that's basically the idea yeah so that's that and also in this app you can set up all these cool uh wallpapers with like deep effects so meaning that like basically the time is hiding uh uh like uh like you know behind the picture and it looks more natural as you can see here and then uh so like to set up this depth effect wallpapers here you just have like open the picture and photos click share button scroll down and tap use as wallpaper optimize the picture by two figures till the adapt effect shows and then click done and click status will pay per pair back to lock screen and set done so that's basically what you can do that's how you can set up this depth effect and yeah it will just look as you can see here on the image like that they have bunny ears they're just uh yeah like in between of time text so it kind of looks more natural and more funny and then uh yeah so here you have like all these images and yeah it looks more professional then you have your account uh you have my widget you have my theme you have calendar this function is coming soon weather so these are the pages you have then you can also send just some feedback so there you have it so that's basically uh what yeah so that's basically the idea of it yeah so that's how it looks like that's like an overview of what you can do with this app it's actually pretty cool it's this app is in top charts right now in many app stores um there aren't that many reviews here because i'm looking here from danish app store so there aren't that many reviews for that but yeah it's it's growing in charts you can see all of these lock screens aesthetic seams depth effect wallpapers and all of that so it's nice app to test it out with ios 16 so definitely give it a try so yeah that's basically the idea and yeah i hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you did please put a like so people can uh uh yeah discover more videos like this and maybe some people want to explore more of ios 16 and they can just discover videos like that i also have a blog mr hack.io so you can visit that i also have like a tiktok channel so you can go to my tick talk slash mr hacker where i just often create some videos about some cool apps or some cool new features which i really recommend you to check out and which can make your phone look nicer or make you more productive or more focused and all of that so yes thank you again for watching this check out this app lock widget install it it's free and enjoy it make your phone look nicer and having much more features and looking really amazing and yeah so that's that

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