LockWidget LockScreen Themes app overview & how to use

hi everyone so here's the interesting app called lock widget lock screen themes and widgets here you can use this app exactly to customize a cool iOS 16 which is on the lock screen lock widget provides a vast collection of lock screen widgets rather lock launcher contact was house photos clock time calendar moon phase and then you can custom redirect URL edit fonts change team Styles and even background opacity to fine-tune them in line with your preference so yeah just open the app and here you can see of course there is an instant pop-up to upgrade here and to access more features tons of wallpapers uh so yeah only 9.99 per year it's pretty cheap so yeah but let's just Discover It Like It Is so here you can see in the Discover Mode which lockscreens available so first how to lock screen so you can see here the description just go into lock screen mode swipe up tap customize and then just add widgets and search for widgets and then uh yeah select lock widget and select any widget you like to have and then just choose your widget so that's how you install it so these are lock widgets this lock screen images these are not home screen pictures and here you can install them only if you have IOS 16 or later so only on your iPhones you can probably use this app I think starting from iPhone 8 you can update to iOS 16 and start to use those so yeah here you just have all these lock screen widgets you can set up like widget and then you need to basically create an account here and then you will need to go to your lock screen and then you will be able to install this widget there also of course they have a home screen widgets which are available here so these are some options which you can see and then here then you have like France widgets uh wallpaper widgets more so all of these widgets you have a Spotify Tick Tock music so yeah that's basically the idea um so yeah that's what it is um and then if you want to upgrade you can just do it here

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