also here's interesting app which is climbing in the top chart um so it's called lolly fun videos mid dating uh so basically you can just watch short videos in the feed uh basically similar to tick tock so it's kind of like a tick-tock dating app crush anyone that you like so then you can just tap like to like anyone then you can just message your crush you can just flex to show off your squad so yeah loli is a new video dating app and is the most fun way to meet people online upload seek videos and send crashes to people you like it's that simple you can also email mark at the lowly for feedback or general inquiries we are always looking to improve and would love to hear from you so a lot of reviews here that's like an awesome concept and the amazing idea and complete support what it does uh yeah so let's just open the app and i will show you how like what the fun is even right it's just basically like tick-tock so if you swipe up basically so instead of swiping left and right [Music] then if you like someone how did i go just uh send like you can send wait give me something that's notifications you can put someone you can share video report video you can go to to profile then you can tap yeah you can report user or anything you can tag friends uh you can send a like as well and then you can also add a message which is uh yeah which is also included in the free option and then basically you have chats and then there are some like new matches but this is just a lonely team uh and but basically this is how the match looks like uh and yep so that's the idea uh then you have all the likes uh new questions will appear here and then there is your profile where you can just add some photos so for example you can just add a photo here uh so yeah something like that then you can just add video then you can just invite friends and tag them and then you can just tap in your icon top right if you are not happy or if you're concerned about your data you can always just tap to delete an account you can like log out and stuff like that so yeah basically that's that's the idea of the app uh i think it's super interesting concept and of course yeah you can just add uh upload some videos then you can just tag friends here uh anyways this is some stupid stuff but yeah uh yeah it looks like a simplified version of tick tock but which you can also use for dating so something like that um interesting concept so if you enjoy tick tock a lot if you spend time on tick tock a lot but you are lonely and stuff in tinter doesn't work out for you maybe for sure you can just go try it out this app is called loli so it was just released i think and not so long time ago and maybe it's not even a big developer team but super interesting concept and i think it's just entered like top 300 social media apps in us so maybe it will soon will be in top 100 lists or something like that never know so thank you for watching

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