Lolly dating app - how to create account?

here is the app uh which is called lolly is growing in the charts so let's just take a look fun videos meet dating so this is like a video dating app where you can watch videos in the feed anyone crash anyone that you like you can then message people and then you can show off your squad so interesting app it's a new video dating app is the most fun way to meet people online upload sick videos and send crashes to people you like it's that simple you can email mark at the for feedback and general inquiries so yeah let's just open up the so it's kind of like a tick tock dating so here you can see where you can create an account so it's not all around the world so it's only uh specific countries okay so let's just let's just test it out with uh with this app i have and then i just need to enter the code and then i just uh set all these standard settings swipe up to reject unlock swipe back stun miss uh and then yeah basically you need to get verified and then [Music] basically you just swipe up and it just goes like a tick tock i guess um so yeah that's the idea and then if you like someone uh you just tap on the you know you tap to like blind dates don't work upload a video to send a crush and then you can also chat and there are crashes then there is your profile and then you can just upload the video so something like that

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