LONGER TWEETS preview - you can post up to 4000 characters!

okay everyone so here is a new announcement from Twitter here's how longer tweets will now look like on Twitter blue need more than 280 characters to express yourself we know that lots of you do and why we love a good thread you just want to tweet everything all at once we get that so there are new longer tweets you're gonna check out check this out so this is just like a preview of how long your tweets will look like on Twitter so basically it will be the characters will still cap as like 280 and then in the bottom of longer tweets you will just have this button show more and then you will just open the longer tweet so starting today if you are subscribed to Twitter blue in the US you can create on our tweets more standard functions of tweet and still apply whether you want to post a picture use a hashtag operator Paul but now you can type all the way up to 4000 characters for no longer tweets on the web can be saved as drafts or scheduled to send later um so yeah it will be capped for 280 characters in your timeline while only blue subscribers can post longer tweets anyone uh and everyone can read them you can reply to retweet and quote it tweet along their tweet no matter Twitter subscriber or not and the answer is a limit of 400 4000 characters for this new longer tweets um so yeah then you can just subscribe to Twitter blue uh by clicking a link in in there in the buyer so yeah there you have it um so something like that and uh that's basically what you can do here

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