okay so i'm on this website looks rare uh and i'm just exploring that there is the new looks airdrop uh basically you can climb some free looks tokens so if you just go to luxor.org during the air drop period you can just connect your wallet click the button in the banner of the top of the page to check whether you're eligible you'll see a message inviting you to list an nft and then you can just list nft on this looks marketplace and then basically after you successfully listed your item you can claim your looks via the banner on the home page if you are not eligible but you think you should be make sure you have connected to the right wallet and check again to make sure your metal about criteria precisely so that's basically how it looks like so that's it uh looks rare this is a marketplace it looks red.org and then yeah you can just explore nfts list nfts and then you can see all the uh top collections here and all of that uh so yeah so let's just try to connect a wallet so let's just do so now you just earned that you know i mean you i just connected the wallet and then i just need to check if you aren't uh looks airdrop then again i need to and then i see okay no looks to claim threat enemies to earn looks instead so that's that so yep that's basically the idea here uh uh that's that's how it works yeah you need to trade at least three ethereums uh to be eligible for this airdrop so here you can see all the durations in short anyone who is a combined three theorem trading volume or more on open c over six months period is eligible to climb looks once they list air c71 or c 1155 nft for sale so there you have it airdrop duration is only eligible during a short window of 7 10 days exact time to be disclosed any looks that isn't claimed by the end of the airdrop period will go to the treasure for use in the ecosystem development so that's basically

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