okay so you can go to this website docs.luxor.org and this is a new looks uh nft marketplace and this they have a look token airdrop if you try this three ethereum or more on open sim between 16 june 21 to 16 december 21 you are eligible for an drop airdrop of luke's tokens lux is a luxurious native token hundred percent of trading fees are earned by look stock and stakers those are more people try it on the marketplace the more uh the it earned here's how to climb your looks connect your wallet hit the checkbot in the banner at the top of the home page to see if you're eligible if you're eligible listen nft for sale smash the climb tokens button in the banner and confirm the transaction and then go stack your looks on the rewards page to start earning trading fees and there is uh this notification that climb your looks fast because it's only live for a few days so that's that's cool um so yeah something like that so just go to this website search for looks token looks nft marketplace and let's just read more about this airdrop as part of luxor's initial launch we are distributing 120 million lux tokens 12 percent of total supply to the nft community and this airdrop is only available on looksrare.org and only live for a few days with any other links don't get scammed so climb looks from the airdrop during short window of sun 7 10 days exact time to be disclosed uh polygon blockchain matic volume is not included so that's how to climb your looks just connect your wallet on the luxor.org click the button in the banner at the top of the page if you're eligible you see a message inviting [Music] you to list an nft had your account your items and list one or more of your nfts for sale and only after you list your nft you will be able to claim your looks token and then this is the contract and then you can just add it in the in the mata mask hope that is helpful so enjoy if you're eligible

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