Lorde Edge crypto EDGELON can you buy on Coinbase? How to buy?

hey everyone so new crypto which is called lord edge so basically the story is that elon musk changed his twitter name to lord edge on sunday and immediately earlier on monday there was a new crypto coin uh which soared more than 400 percent by 10 50 a.m eastern time um and yeah as you can see here here is just like a elon musk twitter handle and there you have it uh uh edge allen coin token is the first of his kind of token celebrating the dodge father and the crypto ceo elon musk creates a description on the each one online um so um so can you like okay let's just check out can you buy this on the coinbase probably i guess not because uh coin device is mostly for like stable coins and not some like super small projects so now you card edge edge and here um so elon coin um which is like separate um so there are already like plenty of elon tokens so lord edge price today h1 to usd you can see on coin market cap app this uh coin already like already has some value and it's just launched basically uh h allen so there you have it 270 percent price change uh so where can you buy it so usually for this kind of stuff i will just go to like eco app um so yeah let's just open so this is the you can see it here and exchanges is available on uni swap so what it means on uni swap so basically you need to buy some ethereum on binance or coinbase whatever then you need to go to uni swap login with your wallet like metamask or trust wallet and where you need to send some ethereum from binance or you can i think you can buy a theorem right in the metamask and then then on uni swap this is like the biggest one of the biggest defy exchanges you can just swap your um like ethereum to lord edge token so there you have it so that's lord edge that's how you can buy it

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