LoveIt Widget NoteIt drawing app - how to use?

here's app which is called love it widget noted drawing so let's just install and see how it works there are a bunch of apps in this category and there's noted widget which i think was the first app which appeared there was locate widget where you can send pictures in noted you can yeah you can send just drawings so yeah a bunch of apps and then the bunch of apps started to call itself noted uh yeah but there you have it so this is the app and the idea is that you can use widgets on ios to install this widget drawing it and then you send this drawing to widget of your partner or your friend and all of that so let's just create an account and i will just do that with my touch id and there you have it so now i need to uh input uh my partner's code to this device okay you cannot link to itself i don't know uh so yeah uh can i just do it just without it uh so now you just need to share your partner's call okay so seems like you need to you need to create an account uh as well ask your partner or your friend to create an account there um but anyways that's how you get started that's how you create an account and then you should be good to go then you can just draw it and if your partner has this widget installed then you can get started to install the widget you can just tap and hold while the app starts jiggling and then you can just as low with widget from here something around that

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