let's explore this new trending app which is called luno luno bitcoin and cryptocurrency as you can see it's in the top charts in finance category on the app store and the us app store so let's just install it and see why it's started trending so it says invest in crypto no experience needed cryptocurrency for everyone buy store and manage your investments with confidence by at the top of the button start with industry leading security style and withdraw whenever you like easily track get trusted so yeah that's the app uh the easy and secure way to buy store explorer and earn cryptocurrencies um so there you have it um i think maybe this app started to trend because it's another app where you know you don't need some advanced skills to get started with crypto and i think everyone is just fighting for this spot to compete with coinbase with finance where you can just you know even if you're a newbie if you don't really understand how crypto works how ethereum works all of that you can get started and just you know just as you do with any other purchase easily by bitcoin ethereum avalanche any other coin of blockchain and all of that so very hard i'm not also an advanced user of crypto so maybe this app is good for me as well so let's just you know go through it so here is open let's see how it how complicated is the process to to create an account so yeah okay let's create an account and then i can just easily sign up his apple google facebook so that's promising let's try to do that then i just want to create pin okay let's do like a test pin i will change it later but just for the sake of this demo let's just do it then it wants to send me notifications and then there should be like four digit code then there are a few security checks and then okay so you need they need to do a few checks before you can buy cryptocurrency it usually takes few minutes to verify your details but can take longer so you need to add your personal details add your address and job details take a picture of your id snap a quick selfie so yep that's what you need then you just need to enter your address your like stuff like here all the details and then you can see that luna needs to verify your identity um that's basically you know that's one of the parts of crypto uh like of all these apps where you need to verify your identity and yeah that's kind of it's similar to web 2 world like you know in all the apps like stripe one more you need to do this but a lot of people expect from web 3 that it will be much more anonymous and much more open so yeah but unfortunately in many of these apps you still need to go through this process but yeah so there you have it you need to enter your personal details i mean your full name your address all of that job details take a picture of your id and snap a quick selfie and that should be good now there are some questions so you can just go through faqs and yep so that's the idea uh hope this can be helpful and yeah but you can already you know go through the app try to explore it try to read the news you can have your wallets uh but not sure that you can do anything without it without your profile verification here's your reward code so here yeah you can just share your invite code and invite friends and then there is your profile security settings you know verification country so yeah something like that overall um yeah this is the app so hope it can be helpful so definitely give it a try um and thank you for checking it out so yeah you can buy bitcoin here ethereum xrp bch i'm not sure if you can buy a lot of other assets but there you have it

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