MAD FUT 22 - App Overview

so how to install matte uh fut22 draft and pack opener app uh so this is the app which improves the new uh like fut app in every way you can there are some new additions like sbc groups fatal my club fatal draft build squads and drafts open packs player peaks complete objectives trade cards uh and this app is just being updated from year to year so there was like matt fut 21 but a few t20 probably and then it's just being updated this is some of the preview of the app which you can install it's i'm looking on iphone on ios store so that's where you can see icons peak special packs you can see objectives the app size is 114 megabytes and you can see 31 000 ratings so let's just open it up and see how how it looks and exactly how to proceed with with creating an account so here you see it's being updated so then you can just claim your reward you can see some drafts so then you can select formation and you can select captain and then can kind of just do that there is no need even to create an account or something so that's what you can do here so that's the idea you can see your cards you can see about you can see your level in top left all the latest cards packs of course there are like ads in the in the app here you can also log in or sign up so to sign up you need to enter all these details you need an online account use cross platform trading and other online mods you don't do not need an account to use any offline features in general player mode you'll be able to enjoy that without creating an account using internet so that's that uh then yeah you can see a squad builder so that's the app basically if you like fifa definitely check it out give it a try and it's free of course there are some ads but you don't need to upgrade or pay some premium subscription so there you have

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