MagicLiker app - discover interesting posts - what is it? How to use

so here is the app called magic liker um so yeah this is how it looks like i just create an account by using it by logging in with my instagram account via facebook and the whole idea of the app is i don't know so there are these pictures and i need to like them i don't know where are these pictures taken from okay let's like and then it wants me to open instagram and like it in instagram i guess and then okay so then it imports basically my instagram feed it sees how many likes i have uh and then if i want to like something i basically it's just another kind of like interface for instagram where i can just skip it uh yeah okay and then okay i just open it up and then i just want to like it and then it just redirects me to some interesting instagram post so that's interesting idea and then you just yeah like it here back in the app i don't know what the point of the app might be you can collect more likes and stuff like that but maybe you can just discover some more content if you don't trust you know instagram recommendation algorithm or maybe it's just like you know a battery interface so i i'm just going through the app and it feels kind of different than scrolling up and down in instagram so it's just like a new experience especially if you like images if you like visuals and you just you know just browsing around through this uh yeah and this like just feels nice so yep that's the idea hope it is helpful

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