MagicLiker app overview

here's interesting app called magic liker so let's just go through it and try to discover how it works it started to climb in top charts in some app stores around europe and i was just like why is it going up so what's the whole idea of the app let's see magic liker is a free app that helps you discover inspiring peaks and interesting people when using the app for the first time we will ask you to specify your topics of interest sports art cars etc in the app you will then be shown a personalized feed of posts where you can vote for the picks you like and influence the future peaks in the feed for every out you also earn a credit that allows you to submit your own work into the feed to be voted upon and seen by other users so here you can discover interesting pictures and users promote your posts and it's a free app um so let's just go through it and then tell your experience so i like nature sports travel then just tap continue and then what it says that you need to log in with your instagram account um so yeah so after that you need to continue with facebook okay so that's how you get started i will try to log in with this instagram and then create another video update

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