Magnet: Dating Game & Chat - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

here is interesting app i want to share with you it's called magnet dating game and chat uh it's recently searched in the top charts in social networking it enter like top 200 apps and i think there is there is some super interesting concept in this app which you should check out especially if you are looking for some alternative dating apps because you know like tinder doesn't work for everyone it's not a universal solution some people like tinder some people hate tinder or some eyes other major dating apps like bumble badoo or stuff like that some people just can't find any any success on these apps so therefore like there are always some new apps and i think this is a really good approach with magnet app so it says magnet date with your heart create an avatar and start the game so this app uses avatars for dating and it can be really interesting approach because you know a lot of people are kind of tired of you know showing your real photos either on instagram like other social medias and just shown this perfectionist kind of like lifestyle like or some luxury lifestyle editing your photos making some ideal selfies which are not realistic like you know and like some people uh because of this they are shied away or they find it difficult to start conversations especially with like introvert people so this app just uses completely another approach you just upload your photo and then your photo becomes like an avatar and then you just start chatting just with your avatar and you decide if you want to chat further if your conversation flow is really good so you don't see the real image you just start chatting and after like sending five messages there's like a limit you feel there is some like good conversations then you unlock a real photo and even after that if you want to continue chat in your content chat and then you go can go for a date and stuff like that so that's that's how it looks like uh so you can see your like uh your real photo only after the real conversation so conversation first so yeah that's basically how it works so interesting approach while on tinder the first impression is visual here the first impression is just a very like cartoonish avatar and then your like messages are important and only that you can discover real photos so just interesting approach i don't know if you like it or not but maybe it will work for some people if this app says a millisecond photo of someone's life can tell you if two are perfect fit but what if there was another more exciting way to find your perfect partner magnet was designed as a solution to monotonous swipe dating it's your social discovery game or personality comes first and looks calm right after magnus is your place for fun meet people everywhere vibe with like-minded individuals and make cool new friends magnus is your chance to chat before you mindlessly swipe left on each other photos find a personality that fits share interest and chat fantastic so yeah take your best selfie to generate your cartoon avatar add your details name location who wants to find slugs free of your top interest start chatting after each shot choose bump or pass and mutual bump unlocks your photos so bomb basically means like upgrade to boost your magnetic force you five extra matches per day boost your visibility skip waiting for responses um yeah reverse your past so you you can also upgrade and we will go through that so let's just open the app so here's the app it looks like tinder i already created an account you can easily do it but let's just take a look so to create an account you just need to upload your photo so here's my photo and after that i got this avatar which just got generated so here's uh how it looks like okay i must say maybe avatar is not like precisely closed but i was in headphones so it recognized headphones it recognized kind of some beard elements yeah uh some like general aspects of your face of your image are recognized but it's not it is not precisely close i must say so it's a bit different than you would have in real life so then of course you can change your avatar just choose another photo from the gallery and it should avatar something different then while you create your account you have all these filters you have your location you can always change your location here um and then you can adjust different colors to change your avatar so that's what you can do as well um yeah so after that basically your profile is is ready and yeah you can start swiping so here is um like your home page so of if you're filtering you're looking for mana for women here's what you have uh and then you can just swipe and then you can see all your interests your tags you all uh like you can see some uh like replies and all of that to some questions so it's very like you know generalistic you you are much more focused not just on the visual but on some like common topics on some replies on some like life situations and it helps you to analyze more like a personality not just the photo and then you can just tap chat and it's free to chat like so you can send a message of course if there is something inappropriate you can block and report and stuff like that but it's free to to message you don't even know the person you don't like yeah no is it the real person or stuff like that and then yeah you just have your messages uh and then uh here you can see some other messages and the idea is that you have some number of limited messages like i think it's five messages and then you can select user pass or bomb but it's just on the you don't have access to any photos any videos just like interests some answers to questions and your conversation and after five even if sorry after five messages you decide that the conversation is boring there is no spark then you just like swipe left and like just pass if you think there is some spark there is some interesting conversation you just choose bump or like and then other person chooses that and then your real photo is being revealed so that's like a a bit different way from tinder i don't know if a lot of people will like it but at least it's worth a try if yeah if you don't like tinder why not so try this avatar dating app i know maybe a lot of people think that avatar is a bit weird but i think maybe it's the future you know with all these metaphors like a lot of like you know social apps like facebook everyone is just focusing on metawars and all of this like avatar creation and teenagers and gen z really likes this like you know avatar dating approach where you don't need like to show off like your real pictures and some a lot of people are actually quite stressed about their real pictures because you know like on tinder you need to make sure that your photo is perfect like you need to some people can spend like a lot of time and like uh you know get some professional photo photographs like to make that look really really amazing um because like you know the attention span is like half of a second like on tinder just people swiping left or right and you can just miss someone with who you could have like real like on real nice and deep conversations while on this app you still have a chance to explore conversations first and then discard the photo so it's kind of like a white sparse uh you know it's like inverse uh tinder something like that then you have all these bolts so if you want to send more messages you need to get these bold packs that's how it called them so you can get 40 balls for 11.99 so you can try that so yeah and then of course you can also upgrade you can get one month 19.99 three months 29.99 12 months 71.99 so you can get that and then you can just subscribe and there are some power features so you can have boosted visibility you can have five extra matches per day skip waiting for responses reverse your passes power to refresh matches 45 free monthly boost daily gift of 10 volts see if your messages were read so basically write receipts so you have that then there is customer car so you can email support if there are any issues you can just email them or ask any other questions so that's good there is also an option to if you go to settings in the bottom you have an option to delete your account in case you're not happy or something so that's good or you just want to delete your data um yeah then you can just enable sounds and stuff like that and yeah so easy simple settings to change avatar you just need to upload different photo um that's about it so that's the app um um yeah to get five extra matches per day you need to upgrade so that's that that's the app interesting approach i think it this app entered up to 100 social media apps because there is definitely something to this technology of course i still think that for most people like visual aspect is much more important is in dating apps people still want to see real photos but if you think that's not kind of your personality and you first want to experience some like brief chat to understand if you can be chatting more with that person and like visual aspect pictures uh are a bit less important for you then definitely give a try to this app i also must say that like uh there's still still not like a huge amount of people on this app so if you're living in a smaller country somewhere you won't have a huge user base so probably only if you live somewhere in bqs city it it will work out but uh and there are some here say like it's a really cool idea but uh image recognition pretty carpet as far as i can tell there is no way to manually edit your avatar if there is i will delete this and eat my every picture has translated to feminine haircuts and makeup so yeah some people say that this app shield of bots some people say enjoyable excited interesting entertaining concept so that's what i also thinking about this app that uh it says but some people write that you can't chat more than 10 messages before having to spend real money to continue chatting so yeah some people are suspecting that this app is actually full of bots and these are not real people um so that can be uh yeah so yeah that's a legitimate concern because you know there are so many ai chatting apps like chai app like jam souls or something and it's a new trend that you can just chat with bots and with these avatars of course you can't identify if it's a real person or not uh and then of course even if the real photo is revealed you can generate a real thought of his ai uh so uh i don't know maybe maybe it's a legitimate concern and you probably you need to chat and just feel try to differentiate if it's a real chat but i can't really tell like with modern software like it's so easy to generate this ai chats and you can't really differentiate that so yeah if for some lonely people if they want to chat more and they're charged i yeah it's a legitimate concern so so that's that i think the concept is good but let's just see if this concern about a lot of ai bots in this app is legitimate and if it's a real thing or no uh yeah as you can see nothing but bots so that's that's that what do you think what's your experience um yeah thank you for watching hope it helps some people um subscribe to this channel put some likes so more people can discard this video and see in the next videos

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