Magnet: dating game & chat - how to create an account?

so to install magnet app just tap get and the app will start installing on on iphone it's an interesting app which started climbing the top charts of the us app store so you can see the size is like 53 megabytes magnet date with your heart so this app combines dating game and chat uh what if you could click with someone before making the world mistake of swiping left just because their photo isn't the hottest a millisecond photo of someone's life can tell you if you two are perfect fit but what if there was another more exciting way to find your perfect partner so that's interesting magnet is your chance to chat before you mindlessly swipe left on each other photos so start playing today take your best selfie to generate your cartoon avatar at your details name location who you want to find select three of your top interests plus fill out for a personality prompt start chatting after chat choose bump or pass continue chatting and yeah so that's basically that the whole concept of the app but let's just go through how to create an account so just open the app uh and then i can just usually you can yeah so you can send up apple facebook or email usually i just go with apple sign up because it's pretty fast for me so that's how it works magnet would like to access the camera so now you can just create an avatar and now i see that my avatar is generated so that's pretty cool so that's my avatar okay it also recognize the headphones so let's just select this color scheme and then iron man so something like that okay so you also need to select like your date of birth you can turn notifications later select three interests uh so something like that and i don't know so there are some just and now just enter for just entering some heart type text whatever [Music] yeah so each day you get to meet five new users here's an example profiles five the gray text to find more about the users exchange 10 messages generator chat bomb if you feel the wire pass to move on you click if you bought step bump you get to unlock your real photos impress with your words instead of your looks so that's the idea that's basically how it looks like so there is no uh sync like um [Music] like swipe left or right as some tinder here you need to chat but you have a very limited amount of messages and if there is some connection then you bump or pass so just a bit different concept super interesting to see if this concept is successful so like let's see and i can send message for free i don't need to to [Music] you know bump or dump or all that and then yeah so that's the idea hope it is helpful

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