Magnolia app network overview

okay so you can see here there are some news that there is a new magnolia network app and its programming everything launches around july 15th after months of anticipation and postponement and it's a part of discovery plus lineup and community so that's interesting so yeah uh in january 22 do you dyy network with the brand to become magnolia network so here is the app here is how it's called magnolia time well spent so in the us app store it's not available in europe or outside of us so 72 megabytes you need to install and then you have the language and yeah this app is designed as a fully immersive brand experience there's access to mcdonald's network original shows workshops you can watch or all original magnolia network shows browse created collections of furniture just special shopping benefits these are some specific workshops so you can just tap open let's see how it works [Music] then you can just allow the bluetooth or don't do that so you can catch up on the lightest magnolia network original shows you can shop you can visit you can create and then yeah you can just uh join create an account or even maybe later but even without an account you can just start watching here and then here is how it looks like here are the episodes you can also see all the featured shows you can see shows about home and design food and garden um like yeah again you can go to the shows tab and then you can just see all of that then you can just search you can see trending searches um and then if you want to start watching um yeah you can start a seven-day trial uh so like this so yeah or you can just start watching here in the top right there is like a shop so you can start shopping your summer is set so shop now and then you should be able to like shop some super cool accessories and then yeah you can just select and then just add to cart so yeah just like a simple ecommerce store you can browse all the collections new arrivals you can see what is on style here so yeah that's the idea so yeah that's the app basically it's a free app you can download it but of course then you will need to subscribe to start watching the content so that's the idea enjoy this new app

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