hello everyone so i just want to share my experience so i recently applied to zoic monetization and uh yeah was accepted and to integrate izoic uh you need to one of the recommended ways how they want you to record to integrate your website with the zoic is basically by changing name servers um so this was my website this is my website it's hosted on ghost so it goes this kind of nice alternative to wordpress it's super fast super like it's uh it's in javascript um yeah really like nice uh kind of lean framework to uh to just for blogs not for anything more complicated and then here you can see this moment here uh on 10th of february so i moved to izoic 9 servers and of course i had some like traffic going on like it's really like you know there was a lot of traffic because i covered some like really popular topic and then of course naturally it will just go down but also after i change to zoic name servers this is what happened and it's just not going back basically i think there are some seo implications of izoic name servers um i've read on some forums and also did some research that yes uh seems uh if you change your website to user academic servers i didn't even like put up ads yet uh your seo might suffer um and yeah i don't know like the site is not slower anything i had an issue when i changed that and then just said site just went down for a while but that was an issue with a certificate but basically um yep like the some of the keywords went down and some of the traffic went down so of course because i was covering some topic so i would expect that traffic is done because that topic is less popular right now uh but yeah you can see that this just went down it's not coming back so probably the issue is with uh just all this is like set up i did my research my first assumption was that um there is some issue with google analytics tracking anazoic so i reach out to customer support and all of that but seems it's not the issue as i'm testing google analytics theme is just working fine then i thought okay zoy has default cloudflare integration so i will just disable cloud foreign so you can do that i did that and i did it yesterday as you can see nothing is really happening because there are some um articles out there that basically if you have shared ips on cloudflare it can also influence your standing in google so yeah but that wasn't my case um yeah like sometimes if if you're sharing the like you know the ip with some like questionable websites then google might treat you quite questionably so here it is as well and then also yeah i just have this and yeah so then after a disabled cloud for the one remaining thing is just like probably just the zoic name servers where they manage your dns resolute can really influence seo standing uh i'm not sure that it's like very common seeing but i've read some forms that a lot of people have that so i didn't even enable ads yet so i just changed to to isolate name servers and then i can see this um also you need to know like my website publishes a lot of like very like you know up-to-date technical news so it's very important that this content is published and indexed right away uh that's the whole trick if i don't have a lot of articles which are like you know evergreen content like i published them three years because they still print traffic of of course i have them but also like a lot of my traffic just coming from this instant tech news um so that had an impact so there you have it that's an overview um yeah so i don't know like what can you do here i'll try to just change back probably to default time servers i'm using godaddy and then probably do something from there try to use the zoi code snippet just in my header on the website let's see if that house but of course and the website itself can become much slower on the zoix i recommend you to use uh to use uh name servers as a as a default integration way of course if you're using wordpress there is also wordpress as well plugin or you can just insert your code snippet so basically three wise to integrate that but if you're using name servers then you can also integrate cloudflare like some speed improvements all of that but anyways let's see

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