MathMaster app - how to invite friends?

here is massmaster app and how to invite people so the point of inviting people here is that you can get some five free Solutions because there is no like option to get uh salute Mass Solutions in this app uh via ads or any other way so you need to upgrade there is a three day free trial but still need to upgrade so yeah here you can just tap on the coins and see that there aren't any free coins here but if you get tab get free Solutions you can just invite friend and the point is if you see this code you can just go into the app um and then just tap here in the bottom uh I received an invitation called tap the code and tap confirm so after your friend downloads the app you'll both get five free coins and then yeah that's basically the idea uh so hope it can be helpful for you and and yeah that's how you invite friends and get some free Solutions uh hopefully in in this app you can only invite one friend

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