Maven Messenger - app overview

so recently this messenger is getting some traction it's called my one messenger so let's just install it and see how it works um so yep i'll just use my touch id to install it and that's there you have it so the size is like 36 and six megabytes uh uh marvin is the easiest and most trusted way to discard chat and shop his businesses connect and find brands you will love to get exclusive maven products and deals make purchases uh stay connected discover you can receive recommendations protect your privacy and merman ai is a conversational ai systems that assist guys and communicate with you throughout your my own messenger experience might want to help you to discover products and businesses that fit your needs and interests so yeah you can see starting you can see some reviews here uh so let's just open the app i never used this before but it's just interesting to see what what it's like and how it works and you know all of that so yep so you know i need to enter my uh [Music] number so i'll just use this app for the sake of this demo to see how that might work um oops something is happening and now i need just to check it out here so yeah this is the app actually also you can try out text now super cool app if you receive invite enter it below directly to connect with them so i can proceed without that because i don't have any invite code then it wants me to send some notifications and that's it so now i created an account uh so what what does it do so for example i see these t-shirts and and what happens next so then i can just message this business for example and then yeah i can just attach photos i can see my shopping bag and then basically probably you can just shop products right from this app so for example yeah i can just browse the products you guys can visit website see delivery options see the catalog here so for example if i want to get this i can just buy now or add to bag so i just can buy now chip two and then continue shipping so like the point of this app is that if you're like you know you are not sure about something you can instantly ask the business about it like i'm not sure about this t-shirt like should i buy it like what colors do you have is it like really in good condition or like is this pillow for this or like you know uh stuff like that so this is basically uh every every business every shop you visit here they just have their own new chat opened and that's the idea of that instead of you know just browsing some web store and like you have really no idea which products are these so maybe you can have have like instant quick chat with some like shop owner so he or she can describe you all the items which might interest you so that can be helpful and then this is your account just your phone number and this is just you can log out here you can just add your email if you want add a profile picture and then you can just contact uh for support so there are not only like closing and stuff there are like master classes uh there is men's clothing there is food so it's basically like a super chat in super messaging app where you can just you know there is some option here to get into this group but of course as with any app you should be extra careful because some like you know uh some businesses maybe are not super like truthful and all of that so that's it [Music] so yeah that's the app i haven't heard about it before but i think the idea is nice because uh because sometimes i just instead of you know doing my own research i just really want to go quickly to this like chat button sometimes it's like in the bottom right on the website and then i just want to quickly ask question and someone quickly to answer me i don't want to spend like 20 minutes you know browsing in google searching all these results like hey what what's like what are these reviews about this and all of that so maybe this could be a nice idea the app is really basic at the moment but i think it's nice to to just to just test the concept and maybe it will take off maybe it's the future of commerce we don't know uh but basically that's the app uh if you want to share your store on this app i don't know like how to add it um so yeah that's a good question i just don't know like how how it is possible to oops sorry how this is possible to enter your store here so that's that um you can also share with a friend this store and every uh every store i guess uh has like some unique link so for example if i share it on a mile this will be the link to this store so that's the idea hope it is helpful thank you for watching

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