MaxPreps app - how to create an account?

here's interesting app which is called max preps high school sports so it has over 160 000 ratings and here uh you can just uh create custom scoreboards it's it's america's source for high school sports you can receive updates about your favorite high school teams get the latest new schedules rosters ranking stats and standings so if you just open the app this is what you can see here so there you have it so just for you to show you can continuous cast you can select games you can select following you can select scores so yeah for example here you can see some latest games okay there are some bugs here you can see some like rankings for your sports teams so here you can just update some schools yeah so that's basically how it's working um okay there are some bugs here and there so let's just open it up again probably because it's in the top charts and that's why there are some bugs if you want to join you will need to use your email and yeah i don't think it's possible to use like google sign in on facebook to create your account

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