overview - LinkedIn for web3?

so what is um so this is kind of like linkedin for web3 uh where is it is a web3 professional uh reputation platform collected by justin referral to get jobs at the coolest startups and dials so you just can go to the app and connect your webstreet wallet you can refer a friend okay so let's just open up in the browser i just found it out on twitter so it's like in super interesting so here you can see uh some roles here you can see some follows open to new projects um so yeah and then you can just connect your wallet depending uh rainbow truss art pillar i'm talking so we can just use metamask so if you didn't know there is like a metamask app on iphone so you just need you can just log in with your touch id and then i can just enter my username can i just choose this i can add my personal blog feel free to visit it uh then i can just enter my email uh so something like that and let's see then you need to confirm it via metamask and then i just need to sign the message so let's try again okay so now it works so here is my profile uh i can see badges i can copy my link i can go to my uh profile i don't know if i can refer someone probably yep if i can i can see all the badges here you can see referrals but i don't know if i can how i can edit my account because i wanted to add my um so yeah i just wanted to add some more info um so yeah that's basically it uh interesting app i think it's still in the development there are a lot of features as you can see it's in the process but that's yeah how it works um yeah definitely check it out it's kind of like linkedin for for web3 if you want to find some jobs some opportunities or investment opportunities or community manager opportunities all of that you can definitely check out this app

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