MD CLOCK WIDGET - HOW TO USE on iPhone? Full overview

hello everyone so here is interesting app which is called MD clock widget so this is the the app from the same developers as mdbino uh widget so here it is empty clock clock widget so why to use this app because it offers a lot of really cool uh clock templates so not of course you can just use this template which is a bit of kind of boring but uh yeah that's about it but you can all try all these templates and this app offers them and you can this display clock on your iPhone home screen uh meaning that if you have IOS 14 or higher version it will work if you have IOS 13 it won't work but you have all these templates and you can display them on your home screen or any other iPhone screen however if you want to really have access to all of these templates you will need to uh subscribe to premium and yes these are the subscriptions so these are 99 cents per month or 449 or lifetime 12.99 so just tap and hold and then you can tap plus and then finally here it is MD clock so let's just try to install it then there are so many widgets it's already here all these designs so for example I want to add this okay so this is a premium one um so here I just want to I also can add some effects some background some positioning vertical horizontal position and show date show seconds so you can customize that but seems like this exact widget requires a premium subscription so let's just find the one which doesn't require that so let's try this one oh no so it seems again it requires premium I just want to check out so that's about it you can see this really cool designs um you can see all the settings here you can also play audio or you can save screen saver and there are all these other widget apps the show really likes these developers because uh specifically focusing uh with these widgets which is pretty nice it's a it's a new area in the hubs but what if I want just use this one here it is if I want sleep timer or picture in picture again I need to updated there is also timer and alarm here but again I I just want to install this free version just to see how it works and then possibly to upgrade it's a bit unlucky that okay classical so classical should work as you can see here finally it's working so you need to scroll all the way to the left and there you have it now it's working now I can edit widget I can change steam I can add some effects and all of that hope that is helpful

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