so this is a quick uh video tutorial of md vinyl music widget app it's recently skyrocketed to the top charts uh so this is one of those widget apps which are going very popular latest days like lock it widget or live in or be real and yeah just get the app downloaded for free here is how it looks like then you need to add the widget on your home screen so that's the whole point of the app so just tap and hold you see apps jiggling and then you can just search for the widgets like this and then you can just add something like that so you can select small horizontal big controls so just add some horizontal one and then yeah you can see how it works uh you can edit widget you can see some controls if you want on this one you can add the button and yeah then when you open this widget it's important to sign in either with spotify or apple music so as you can see here spotify you can connect disconnect and then there is apple music you can also connect disconnect there uh other servers are not available at this moment so no title no youtube music no soundcloud etc maybe they will add it in future and then yeah you can see at the moment they only provide 100 songs free songs to play in this widget then you can also tap the widget and open open it up uh just what do you want to do after the widgets is opened and again like they provide 100 songs which you can play here but if you share it or if you get some other videos from this developer you can get up to 250 songs and then basically when you're playing the song here or you're playing in spotify it will just uh you can see uh that the image is changing and you will see that the vinyl is moving so that's kind of fun and that's it and then you can bookmark and then i can probably that will be added to like songs in spotify or apple music so that's also kind of fun and then this vinyl is just plain and uh you can customize uh the look and feel of it so you can change how you like you can change the image change the background you can share it you can generate qr code include link add some additional tags and then just share it among your friends so that's what you can do and then just uh yeah so that's the idea of it uh yes you can see here you have this uh song quarter 450 songs but that's basically it so that's the the overview of this widget now there are some issues here and there some people can install it some people can't find it so just restart your phone restart the app make sure you connected spotify and apple music or apple music and that should work

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