MD Vinyl widget app - how to create account with Spotify?

so here's interesting app which is called mdv new music widget uh so let's just try to install it so there are a bunch of fidget apps which are pretty popular these days such as locket widget or noted widget um and with mdv nil widget you can enjoy effect uh of your new records on your home screen while listening to music currently supports apple music and spotify um so that's how it works and yeah so let's just open it up and see what's the what's the app is about you can allow to send notifications this is just like a vinyl style now planned widget for apple music and spotify and then yeah you just need to okay let's try to open it again it's not clickable but anyways to install this widget tap and hold you will see icons jiggling and then you can just search for mtv new like this and then you need to connect your music library to set the widget and to spotify or apple music and then you have four types of widgets so here you can just tap to add it and then when you connect yeah here then you just need to log in with spotify for example and log in with your account or stuff like that so that's what you can do here um yeah that's about it and it will be just a nice plain vinyl style widget

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