MD Vinyl Widget - buggy, doesn’t work - what can you do?

Here is empty vinyl widget app. There are a few bugs here and there. Some people just can't connect Spotify account to this app even if they have a premium subscription and all of that.

The other bug is that there is only one song playing on the widget. The song on the widgets are not changing, when I play another song, it just stay on that one on song and whenever you click Play it spins the vinyl but stays as the previous song.

You can connect Spotify and Apple Music, that's great, works for me, but you can't connect YouTube Music, Tide or SoundCloud, all of that. Those are some issues with that. Again, some people still can't connect Spotify.

Overall the reviews are pretty pretty good. The average rating is 4.5 out of 5, that's good. It's not showing up as a widget option for some people. This is how it looks like, you can tap on it just opens up. If you tap and hold to find the widget, here it is empty vinyl. That's what you have here.

Then you can just add it, and then there are multiple widgets. You can do that. It works for me. If you can't find the widget here, just restart your phone or just go to the app and try to play some song from the app and try to install widget again. That's what I would do.

Overall, I tried to use this app, it works pretty okay. There aren't any major bugs. However, the issue I noticed, if I play Spotify on same account on my MacBook, this widget is not working. It only works if you play Spotify app on your phone, then it's working and the change in the image.

Also, as I've said, it doesn't work with some speakers, that's the issue. It has the limit of 150 songs, so you need to upgrade. It's only 199 for a lifetime subscription. It's not monthly, just lifetime.

You can play a limited number of songs and maybe just remove ads, future updates and upgrades. That's about it. You can always just tap and restart, swipe up the app, that's how you can restart it. That's basically the idea.

Seems it's working overall. I had no problems connected to my Spotify. However, the app isn't appearing as something I can have as a widget. For some people, you still can't install this widget properly. Bit buggy.

Some people still say it's a bit glitchy. That's the review from May 4th. But after recent updates, there were a lot of bugs fixed and seems it's working much better now and it's here in the chats.

That's about it. Maybe it just went viral, but as you can see, the average rating is 4.5 meaning there aren't that many bugs. If there are many bugs and app is just really unusable, user rating in my experience, would be around 2 or 2.5, something like that. Anyhow, hope that is helpful, and thank you for watching.

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