#Me 3D Avatar game - how to create account & quick preview

so here is me 3d avatar meet and play app um so let's just go through overview so yeah how it works and you can just tap open and then you can try to connect your account and create an account a while ago it was closed for registration but now i just create an account with apple id because it's quite fast for me and then yeah from here you can just go and you can select all of these options and then basically you need to wait a bit this app is a bit buggy but yeah this is kind of like a gaming app like avatar metawars app where you create and style your own avatar and then you can just hang out with other people online um so that's basically the whole idea of of the app uh but yeah for some reason it just shows connecting and it is still quite a bit buggy and there are some errors so i'm just recording maybe you also have similar arrow and yeah but anyhow okay so then you can just select your destination uh where you want to be placed virtually and then yeah it's just again it takes time sorry for that and then you you can see it is loading again so yeah this kind of apps are getting more and more popular this is like avatar gameplay but yeah oops

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