#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Play - app preview

so here's the interesting app which is called me 3d avatar meet and play um so this app is uh is quite large actually so it's 1.8 gigabytes so the name as you can see me through the avatar meet and play so in this app you can play in virtual world connect with friends live in the moment celebrate your milestones travel to a new world game with others and all of that so it's kind of like a metaverse social network with some uh anime vibes and then there you have it it was just released on july 7th could you define yourself as just one word maybe not one can have many colors and australia is a place where you can show them all a breathtaking adventures awaits you unique experience in the universal world you can be anything you imagine have you ever wanted to be a creator model even night liver allow yourself to experiment with any hair color or fashion style that you have always wanted to try [Music] go on adventure like no other make new friends what you are your interests be an influencer various contests are held in me app or hashtag me i don't know every weekend win a contest and enjoy benefits that no one else can get before you always want it to be in me ready for an adventure for a lifetime your adventure starts today so yet this app was just released that's why it's in the top chart of the u.s app store it doesn't even have like that many reviews yet but yeah it doesn't even have reviews at the moment and it's it's not a game so it's uh it's developed by clover games corporation but uh yeah probably they develop a lot of game apps but this app is not a game it's uh it is a social network so yeah here you can see again some screenshots it's interesting this is anime style looks pretty nice kind of like a fortnight social media app so yeah that's basically how the app looks like um [Music] okay it just takes some time sorry for that for for this app to to download uh but yeah that's basically the idea uh i will probably try to create some other video about this app and i will just try to create an account try to play with it try to hang out with other people and then just notify you about this app and about all the features okay so maybe we can just open it right now it's how our like the recording might be can crash here um so yeah here's the app um so here you can see some other updates um so yeah okay so it is still not open seems again so maybe it will be so here uh you can see some opening event um there is official discord and then uh yeah but probably you still need to add a bit for this app to open it's it's a nice like marketing campaign from them so there is a lot of hype around it you can already download an app from the app store but you still can't create your account so yep that's basically what it is anyhow hope that is helpful um so yeah check it out this app if you like this kind of anime or social media and leave your comments and suggestions below like this video so more people can discard this cool app

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