Me+ app - how to install Homescreen or Lockscreen widgets?

so here's me to me plus app and how to install videos here so yeah basically you can just go to your profile or you can go to discover and and there is some guide here how to actually install a widget to the app so you can just tap here and then you can install home screen widget just you need to have IOS 14 and further so touch and hold an empty area on your home screen until the apps you go check the plus button in the upper corner search me plus select the size and code widget so there you have it so let's just try it out so tap and hold tap on the plus icon and then you can just search for me plus and then you can install uh today's routine today's routines or today's routines like big widgets so very small medium and large sizes here yeah so you can just tap add widget and then you will be able to install the house also there is a lock screen widget navigate to your lock screen touch and wait for a customize button to appear click customize button click add widget and search for me plus choose the size that's it for lock screen widgets you need to have IOS 16 at least or for home screen you need to have IOS 14.

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