Me+ Daily Routine Planner - app overview

here's interesting app called me too daily routine planner so let's just install it and see how it works so you can see there are 14 000 ratings for this app um yeah 4.9 average rating it's stopping the charts in the health and fitness um yeah so we are what we repeatedly do excellence and it's not an act by The Habit so this quote from Aristotle goes to the very heart of our philosophy We Believe to Florida's good habits are necessary this is what we seek to do to get our Euros to adopt good habits such as exercising or tidying your room and consistently repeating those action until they become habits integrated into your lifestyle this will enable people to lead a life which is more wholesome and complete um so yeah um uh that's why they provide also these cool new widgets lock screen widgets and uh home screen widgets which you can start using but you need to have IOS 13 for log for home screen and iOS 16 for lock screen so then yeah here you can just enable that so let's try to see how to create an account so now um you can see this process so I'm just answering questions just like randomly so here you can see so here you can see all of that and then finally it creates your personal Journey let's see if it's possible to use at least some kind of like a free trial or something like that in the app [Music] and then you can start a seven day free trial okay then 39.99 per year uh or one month 7.99 uh yeah so that's basically the idea [Music] and then you can just create an account honestly it's it's getting a lot of questions here um so you have all these offers to upgrade which are getting better and better the more you stay on the app uh and it's basically doesn't let you let you go until you actually upgrade here in the app which sometimes that's what it is I understand but like if if there is an option just to use some very limited version of the free app free trial and then really understand if it brings value and then upgrade that I would value that um so here you can just type preview um and then you will just be able to create some kind of plan like this um so yeah that's basically the idea um and then you just see like your self-care plan your routine profile um I didn't even create an account right so um you can also add widgets you can add home screen widget you can add lock screen widget [Music] um so there you have it um so yeah this is the app where you can just go through all these self-care plans through this car's little library and check out all of those

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