Me+ Daily Routine Planner - FULL OVERVIEW

here is the app called me plus daily routine planner so let's just quickly go through this app uh what what this is so yeah this is kind of like a app uh which helps you to build healthy habits We Believe to flourish good habits are necessary this is what we seek to do to get our users to adopt good habits such as exercising or tidying your room and consistently repeating those actions until they become habits integrated into your lifestyle and this will enable people to do the live features more wholesome and complete and yeah they also have this really cool home screen widgets and lock screen widgets um and yeah so this is the app so here you can just create an account to be honest it's pretty long to create an account you just need to answer all these questions about you and then this app will automatically like using AI just will figure out um yeah all of the processes um so that's basically the idea then you can just use this cover you can see your self-care plan but yeah so this is basically the idea so you have kind of like a calendar uh this is like a calendar app you can set up alarms um and then you just when creating an account you just create an uh habits so which will help you with all this like user relationship Finance nutrition exercise body care and then you just create uh like your daily calendar so like workout and then you can select Monday for example uh 20 minutes reminder check this note and then you can just add it habit added and then any time of the day you need to do like a workout for 20 minutes and then it should be reflected in your calendar so as you can see here and then you just need to check it out and yeah that's basically how you progress how you just create all these habits and it's not only work out you can just do like morning yoga workout like some easy simple things and but the point is is that you're creating all this like daily routine habits and that is just you know your life becomes much more organized so here you can see also uh uh some example routines the creative boost for making your dinner so you can find all of them here uh uh travel with family in France take a lot of pictures search you're an experience skiing built a consistent routine so for example you can this is like a cleaning a routine like Chan sheets clean fans swim vacuum floors change sheets on Sunday uh Monday clean Char and toilet clean thinking counter Tuesday clean the refrigerator Friday clean your car so this is kind of like a cleaning routine which you can add also um like different templates which you can use sensor is like a library where you can record your mood so yeah so and then you just track your mood so like daily mood tracker then you can also create widgets so you can create either home screen widget appearing on your screen or you can add your lock screen widget which should be appearing on your lock screen also you can just meditate there are some meditation techniques here there are some sounds there are some workouts um and then there is like some Library and then you just have all these quotes in in here you can also see some healthy foods so it's like basically super app for like meditation health and all of that it's just everything in one app kind of like you know you have a chat in China where it's like one app for everything so this app me plus is kind of one app for all the meditation workouts uh like kind of mental health like uh healthy foods all of that just in just in one app so it's like pretty cool and they have a lot of promotions running right now where you can really upgrade for quite cheap price like 19.99 per year to be honest I think there are like too many of those pop-ups uh but yeah so right now I'm not even on a free trial so I'm just using the free version of the app there is a free version because some apps are just locked you can't use it for free yeah here you have a limited free version actually but then you can upgrade and it's only like 20 bucks per year if you have one of their promotions so it's like pretty good and you have everything you don't need separate app for like mood tracker separada from meditation separate app for workouts motivation like setting up routine habits so try that definitely and I didn't even need to create an account um so interesting app for sure give it a try

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