Me+ Daily Routine Planner - quick app overview

here is interesting app me plus daily routine planner so what this app is about so the the concept the idea is super simple so you just have your calendar and yeah in that calendar um you just add daily routines which is pretty pretty neat it's nothing complicated but it's super powerful concept so for example I have my calendar like you know any other calendar and then I just tap plus button in the bottom and then I just want to add some good habits which can help me out to structure my day so for example I want to in the morning make sure that I doing like healthy breakfast I drink water I drink some small workout taking a shower maybe doing some small stretch taking vitamins like drink tea so for example I want to add this daily routine that every morning I'm drinking some really amazing tea I want to repeat it on you know these days or maybe I just want to repeat it on Wednesdays that that's the special day where I drink in this tea or maybe in the morning I can then just tag it like add different tags here and I can set a goal I can set up okay one glass uh one page like depending on different activities what you want to do then you can set up a reminder then Additionally you can add a checklist so for example if you're doing a small workout in the morning you want to work on your lower body or upper body on your legs or on your abdominals and stuff like that you can also add some note and then there is like pass analysis so for example I just added and this habit is being added then for example there are all these different categories like starting from relationships where you can add so start from exercise so let's say I want to add like a morning run like I don't know on let's say again on Wednesday Friday and uh yes Sunday maybe so yeah I can edit in the morning and then I can just add like 20 minutes morning run sounds good reminder checklist and then just add and then have it added so what happens then so then you just have all of these items in your calendar which you added and it sounds like what's special about it but actually if you just go to your deck and you can see oh okay here is my preview by the way if you sign up to the app you have some really good discounts and Deals here as you can see so you can actually use them but anyhow like today is Wednesday so I went for run for 20 minutes and then I can see and then I can just tap complete and then I did like 20 minutes running this morning great great so and then I can just see all of these tags and that's basically my running um yeah so that I did it today on on Wednesday it's completed so that's pretty cool um and now I can also discover all the other templates either you want to focus on on the specific on healthy food or mornings or just workouts or meditations whatever Focus you want to do and then there are all this Library where you can meditate you can have some motivation you can see some soundscapes for better sleep healthy foods workouts like you can see some you know exercises in the workouts so you can try that and the answer is a profile uh you are just basically you see your activities so today I completed some activities and I can see in that day that they are done so that's basically the idea how how it works and yeah the process of it um so yeah that's like a super simple app but it just adds like this daily routine element and if you feel that you're a bit like you know out of schedule out of routine and all of that this app that can definitely help you out to just be more structured and yeah to to achieve more structure in your days and stuff like that yeah so that's basically the process um yeah so hope that's helpful uh super simple idea but if you just do it day over day and if you just add in a small thing small Healthy Habits Like do your sheets like have a healthy breakfast do a small exercise do a small like reading session or something like that and you just complete this task day by day you just get some you know some satisfaction if you're doing this task and it's just important to repeat them day by day month by month and then you will notice that you are kind of in this satisfactory mode that you're actually achieving and completed some small things and yeah that that can help you out to structure your life a bit so definitely interesting and cool app I hope that's helpful

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