Meatbag app - what is it? How to use? Is it Twitter alternative?

higher runs a quick overview of so this is this is the fatty bars app one of Twitter alternatives to access it you just need to go um to the admit create your account with your username password and yeah then then you will just see all these posts it's like super simple design similar to Twitter you can create your own post you can you can attach photos you can add emojis uh like that at Paul's websites um yeah whatever you like and there's 5 000 character limit and then you can just browse through their website there is like Home tab um there is a search there is notifications there is chats uh whatever you like and the thing about it is like there is value bars this is the part of it as this is a social network made out of thousands of independent social media size servers and the posts you see here here from are from third-party servers you have the freedom to engage with them or to block any server you don't like and you just need to look after ad symbol to know which server the post is from so it's like similar like the same as Mastodon it's like part of these fatty virus like decentralized social media where there is each server and yeah that's basically how it works but there is also like the separate tab for Mid back tab uh where you can just see posts from from that app uh yeah I'm just browsing it quickly here because this app is like super new there is so much spam and scammy accounts it's not moderated at all I think maybe it is but of course it's not that high quality as Twitter it's just mostly like a dust replacement if people like it or not part of this more decentralized system so here you can see your account you can see your profile similar looks as to Twitter so you can see pause pause and replies media likes you can like it you can share your profile you can see preferences edit profile uh you can see a theme you can change theme you can delete an account here as well you can move account which is also interesting to to some other profile and then yeah that's basically how it works import so switch accounts I don't know you can add an existing account import data so here you can just import the file container list of followed accounts import your blocks or mutes there are some filters filter context so you can add these new filters if you like so yeah that's basically the idea of it um and then yeah you can just of course change your profile picture uh like change your display name and location bio you can you can set up subscribe to newsletter you can add some profile fields and yeah so that's basically the idea um quite interesting that's how it works so yeah if you want to try it out go to on the on your browser it's not available on Android or iOS but hope yes it's overused helpful

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