Meetville app - how to create an account? How to use?

here is interesting app which is called mid wheel mat make new friends it's just recently entered like top charts in the us app store so i'm just curious to discover uh what this app does make new friends and chat connect with people minimize an individual fine person to spend time with and this is the app like i don't know like there are so many apps like this video chat in apps where you just need okay let's just add some account and then you can just enter your age you can just i'll just enter some test info then i can just add a photo hmm so there you have it so this is uh what you can just add some interest here um and then if you want to upgrade here you have all your options either six months for seventy nine dollars so one month is for forty dollars so this app is not cheap these apps aren't cheap and you always need to check out if uh yeah if there is a good amount of spam here or yeah how it is working so yep that's basically how you create an account if you want to again get full access and get all of these perks like unlimited messages see who is interested in you unlimited likes unlimited gifts rings premium support your private photos advanced filters you will need to upgrade here so that's basically the idea yeah so that's what it is you can go here if you want you can easily delete your account you can add it to information you can contact support here you can chat if you want notifications probably you need to upgrade and then you can just if you want you can just drop to chat and then okay so then you still need to upgrade um so this is kind of like a tinder [Music] that's kind of how it works that's just like if you board with tinder for example or you just don't like this app there's always a room to try some new dating apps so my business is one of them

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