Meitu app - photo & video editor - how to install on iPhone?

here's interesting app it's called made to photo and video editor it's growing in charts in photo and video category on on app store uh my2 is the best all-in-one photo and video a free editor on mobile it's endorsed by celebrities and key influencers made to give you everything you need to create awesome edits uh 200 plus fetal filters unique art photo effects instant beautifications edit pictures retouch body features you can use a lot of features without artificial intelligence easy and fun made to be ip so that's basically the app it's been here for a while but i think it's just getting better and better and a lot of people are enjoying it um yep so that's the idea um and yeah i think it's some kind of chinese app developed by kiam and my to technology ltd you can also see some other apps from these developers so there are like a lot of apps in this category but may 2 is one of the most popular ones you can see 60 000 plus ratings and pretty high average rating okay so i use it to edit videos and it's usually fine but it hasn't been letting me put the clips i tried to put in a super short video and then it gives me a one in a language i can't read and the video doesn't go into the scene it's like it's trying to tell me that it's too long of a video even if it's like 15 seconds uh this app is so good and amazing something needs a sketchy good app but uh a lot of sticker packs have been disappearing from library on the app so yes any other app it has some glitches and has some issues but overall the reviews are pretty positive it's not like two or three so let's just open the app and see how do you need an account or how to create an account okay so it's not opening okay anyways at least you got the idea that this app exists and yeah if you're looking for some like cool photo and video editing app this is the one which you can check out um so yeah check it out my to photo and video editor

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