Melania's Head of State NFT COLLECTION auction. Overview & how to buy

hello everyone so here is uh another nft experiment by melania trump so here is her head of state collection you can access it at this url melania head of state [Music] so basically the idea is that uh it's an auction option ends january 25th at uh 11 59 pst and i think it starts at january 11th um so that's that and the starting beat is 250 thousand dollars it is in savannah so approximately 1415 solana but the thing about this uh state collection is that just combines two actual items which is a high block crown hat warrant and signed by and then watercolor on paper but then also digital artwork and ftv's motion signed by milan trump and mark antoine colon so that's that and it's dedicated to official state visit by french president macron april 18 and yeah so you can see all the items here um so that's basically it and then uh you have a [Music] certificate of authenticity nft will be permanently minted on the solana blockchain of course it is permanently minted because that's like a block change so uh that is that but interesting part that now some of the people and celebrities are combining uh like normal auction items which you can buy on some like auction and they're just adding some nft element to make them more kind of like digitized and more tech savvy and maybe ride this wave of nfts but basically that's the process here so you can you can see that on their website melania um so yep i think you will need just to connect your wallet here on the top right uh you can always contact support and then you need to go create a wallet using the phantom wallet and you need to have solana there and then just connect your wallet here and then there will be an auction starting january 11th and then you just need to be there so something like that

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