Melee app - how to create an account?

here's how you can create an account in melee app so this is like a social media for gamers so in top right you can just continue as guest or you can use Discord here you can use Apple ID twitch or Facebook and then just nor I usually just use Apple ID to create an account so that's how it works and yeah and then I just can create the username so let's just do that username is taken okay I can just create another one I can choose my avatar uh so I can just use this one and then follow games you allow okay whatever you can allow notifications or not and there you have it your account is created and here you can see all of these video clips all of this some like in just basically like a feed like Instagram but just for gaming if you like Minecraft you will see all these clips for Minecraft if you like Counter-Strike you will see them from Counter Strike I don't know what that is probably some like different games this is probably what's trending popular newest all these different clips basically from games and then I guess in the bottom right you can tap the plus icon and then you can add media you can post into a channel in top left you can uh yeah you can go to profile you can see all of that and then yeah here you can uh see some settings you can contact support so yeah that's basically as you can see this is um uh like a game in social media like Instagram for gamers so definitely give it a try I don't know if you are as Creator can monetize it somehow or earn some Revenue via it but yeah at least you can um enjoy it and get more accustomed to to these games and getting more experience hope that is helpful

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