Mesmerize app - Visual Meditation - overview & how to use?

here is interesting app which is called mesmerize uh visual meditation uh it's it's getting higher and higher in in the in the app charts so here you can see how it looks like uh clear your mind fall asleep fast relieve anxiety and distress uh we uh yeah with this app and it's available not only on iphone but also on ipad and apple tv so let's just open it up to see how it works and then here it is so then you can just set up and then you can just go through all these questions uh you can set up notifications or not then there is some offer for you to subscribe and then finally you can try it out so this is basically how the app looks like and then i can just drag it around and this is the way i can i can also add some music and this is how i can relax and i can add some music i can add some narration so there are different types of narrations depending on the on the aims you want to achieve here there are all start there are new there are more there are video settings there is like sleep timer usual present video roulette audio fusion auto loop narration narration speed 3d voice i don't know what that is uh you can you can also connect it to the health kit to track mindful venus from using mercenaries in the house app there is a useful telegram community and then finally you can upgrade for 49.99 per year free for three days uniquely hypnotic visuals that clear your mind guided meditations music sleepy stories visual prison mode powerful focus music high quality and natural sounds and sleep timer so yeah this like very interesting app and then yeah especially if you have this newer like iphone 13s or something like that on a bigger screen and you just one yeah you know like you know you want to have this additional visual element uh this is like a cool app to explore like of course maybe it's not for everyone but this is how it looks like and like a lot of people actually like visuals uh some people like videos other people like visuals uh other people just like sound so like for example there is calm dot com or there is a headspace where you just have like sound and like audio meditation experience so that's like very popular but this is like visual meditation experience so that's what it is so yeah definitely give a try to this app and leave your reviews in the comments below

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