Meta Quest app - how to create an account?

hello here is interesting app which is in top charts called mother Quest I think formerly it was just called Oculus app from Facebook now meta um yeah so uh here you can manage your meta Quest VR device virtual reality device explore over a thousand apps in the mataquest OR discard live VR events and so much more so basically if you have one of those Facebook VR events this app is kind of here go to point this is like a Marketplace of all the apps similar to like Google Play Store for VR and then you can just connect to Bluetooth and then uh yeah you can just create an account here and then you can just log in with your meta account so yeah something like that uh and then you can just finish account setup uh and yeah so something like that that's how you create an account super easy if you already logged in with uh with Facebook so then you just need to enter your name it's a bit buggy so yeah now it works and then you just need to to select your device so there is this set of devices the request Pro Quest 2 or just Quest there is also some Rift or you go so if you select Oculus Quest then here is the app and then you can just start setting up your device there is a very detailed instruction for all of the devices whereas it shows that you need to turn on the power uh plug in your headset and then it will just look for the headset and then basically you just follow these instructions and pair your device look in your headset for a five digit code and entered here so there you have it uh something like that

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