Meta Verified - what is it? Quick overview

how to subscribe to Mata verified so you can do that through your Instagram profile just open the Instagram mobile app tap on a person icon in your profile picture in the bottom right go and then go to your profile you may see the option to subscribe to meta verified at the top and then just tap subscribe so yeah there you have it um you might have verified not available to you at this time you can learn more then you can just go through eligibility requirements you need to be at least 18 years old you need to have uh individual profile uh your Instagram profile needs to meet this should be public or private profile you need to have two-factor authentication enabled uh such as uh must meet menu activity requirements such a prior posting history have a garment issued ideas that matches the name on your profile and profile photo so yeah and then this time I'd have verified subscription only supports your real name on your profile once your profile is verified you can change the username profile name date of birth or photo on your profile without going through the meta verified subscription and verification process again um so yeah that's what you can do uh it's not yet available for everyone uh I don't know in which countries countries is available you can though you can just go to um through the white list and you can just jump on this white list here if you're interested and then you just select an account it's really interesting on Instagram Facebook or boss and then yeah so that's what you can get so you will just get this verification uh badge of course this is not free and you will you can you will be charged I think it's around like ten dollars or something like that per month uh and then uh you can just go there and uh yeah upgrade there you can send just cancel meta verified um and then uh um yeah so yeah but that's basically an idea uh there is no like exact price here on the on the page but hope that's helpful

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