Microsoft Teams Premium - PREVIEW

so Microsoft is launching Microsoft teams premium cut costs and add AI part productivity so Microsoft teams Premium plan should be generally available as of today as of the first January and the coolest feature of it is probably that it implements open AI GPT 3.4 which makes um yeah a lot of a lot of advancements and yeah you will have like AI notes tab in the Microsoft teams um and this costs like for uh for a limited time you can get it like for seven dollars per user per month uh but then it will increase to 10 USD per per user per month so yeah here you will just have uh intelligence recap AI nodes with intelligence recap you'll have the information that's most important for you after a meeting in all in one place so you will have uh meeting recordings AI generated chapters divide the meeting into into the chapters and then uh it will have some integration with PowerPoint uh personalized timeline markers and then soon they will release like speaker timeline markers yeah that of course automatically you will have ai generated nodes so it's not only just like a transcript which is like hard to read and it's like but it concise generated notes and then concise generated tasks based on that meeting um and then live translations uh AI part real-time translations from 40 spoken languages and a lot of different advancements backgrounds meeting templates um Advanced meeting protection watermark in limiting who can record end-to-end encryption a lot of these things uh yeah if you want to improve all of this uh your Microsoft teams meeting experience so yeah this plan should be now available just bringing your attention it should be available as of February 1st um so yeah go for it and now you can try to upgrade here and hope uh yeah that's helpful

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